Cleaning&Testing System For Filter and Spinneret

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Wuxi Nanfang Acoustics Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the cleaning, testing technology and equipment of chemical fiber components (candle/disc filter and spinneret). The company is located in WuXi city, JiangSu Province, which was established in 2002. We have more than 10 years’ Cleaning experience, has become the chemical fiber industry leader in component cleaning technology. More than 60% of China’s chemical fiber plants are using our equipment to clean components.
We adhere to science and technology innovation, over the years has been committed to the synthetic fibre industry cleaning technology innovation and development, especially in the fields of PET, PA6/66, PBT, Spandex, Aramid, CF, BOPET, R-PET and other fields. We provide a full set of solutions including technology and equipment for the production of enterprises, to undertaken over 20 million tons of PET, 2 million tons of PA6/66, 400 thousand tons of Spandex, 600 thousand tons of BOPET and 3 million tons of R-PET component(candle/disc filter and spinneret) cleaning and testing project.We are the cleaning equipment suppliers of CHEMTEX, CNPC, HUITONG,POLYTEX, CTA(JUYOU,CHONGLEE),HISCIEN and other engineering companies. Our products are exported to the United States, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Thailand and other countries. At the same time, we also has a wide range of customers in INDORAMA company, including ES Fiber Visions(SuZhou,Thailand),   Performance Fibers(KaiPing), PHP-ShenMa Air Bag Yarn, PT Indorama Polychem Indonesia and so on.
Main products :
Steam hydrolysis cleaning system
Vacuum pyrolysis system(Vertical, Horizontal)
TEG cleaning furnace
Alkali cleaning, washing furnace
High pressure washer(Candle/Disc filter)
Ultrasonic cleaner
Spinneret inspection system
Disc/Candle filter bubble test
Component preheating furnace
Cleaning Solution:
PET, PA6/66, PBT polyester filter
PET,PA6/66,PBT spinning spinneret
Spandex polymerization filter, spinning spinneret
CF, Aramid polymerization, spinning spinneret
R-PET fiber polymerization spinning spinneret
BOPET disc filter
Industrial yarn, non-woven fabrics, spinneret

We commitment to create the best quality, the most efficient service, the products with most affordable price, hard working and innovation, continuous improvement, the formed a complete set of mature cleaning, testing technology and equipment, and obtained the majority of customers high praise.
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