Cleaning&Testing System For Filter and Spinneret

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1. 设备配置Configuration

1. 设备型号Device Model                  :BPT-AH

2. 设备名称Device Name                  :冒泡试验台Bubble Point Tester

3. 设备数量The number of Device          :1 sets


2. 测试能力Testing Objects

1. 过滤芯规格Filter Element Details:  

      A.Filter A                           :φ50×1200mm

2.测试能力Testing Capacity

     每次可测试1根过滤芯。1 candle filter mentioned above can be tested at the same time in this equipment.


3. 测试指标Test Indicators

    1.初泡点First bubble point;

    在IPA或者异丙醇的环境中,测试滤芯初始泡点,检测滤芯是否存在泄漏。Measure the first bubble point of filter In isopropyl alcohol (or alcohol) environment pore.

2.全泡点检测:用来观察滤芯的冒泡均匀性。The uniformity of distribution of pores.

4. 技术性能Technical performance

v It is control the filter into / out of the solution of IPA by cylinder, the operator does not need to be immersed in the IPA;

v Digital:The bubble pressure;

v The equipment is equipped with automatic air exhaust device, It is avoid the environmental pollution caused by the volatilization of the IPA;

v The equipment is equipped the rotating device for filter, It Can observe the filter bubble point at different angles.

v The equipment is equipped the circulation filtration of IPA,Extended IPA usage time.

v The device is provided with visual sliding door,Observation is more convenient

v The equipment is equipped with a storage tank,After the test is completed, the test liquid is returned to the liquid storage tank;


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