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Steam Hydrolysis Cleaning System
SHCS Series
Cleaning Objects:Filter of PET、PA、PBT、R-PET 
Steam Hydrolysis cleaning system mainly used for cleaning the polyester, Polymers in the filtration core has fast hydrolysis under high temperature water vapour. It is resulted in polymers of low molecular weight which causes high polymers to loose high viscosity and high adhesive force to make it apart from the filtration core and the core cleaning is done.
The dirty filtration core is hung into cleaning furnace with an electromotion crane. The vapour under 0.3 Mpa is through electrical heating to reach 350℃.with a steam superheater. The heated steam is led into the furnace to have high temperature hydrolysis for the polymers in the filtration core. After 6 hours’ hydrolysis, the end steam from the cleaning furnace is led into a steam cleaning tower through electric heating pipes and is sprayed with production water to collect waste steam and discharge it into a waste water trough. The melt polymers remains is collected to collection trough after high temperature hydrolysis.

Main Parts

Model SHCS-0613 SHCS-0815 SHCS-1318
Furnace chamber Size mm φ600x1300 φ800x1500 φ1300x1800
Dimension (WxLxH) mm 1160x1160x2500 1360x1360x2700 1860x1860x3000
Total Heating Power KW 38 44 51
Chamber Heating Power KW 18 24 24
Super Heating Power KW 18 18 24
Connector Heating Power KW 2 2 3
Weight KG 1200 1500 2500
Load KG 600 800 1500
Power Supply 3x380V/440V 3x380V/440V 3x380V/440V
Control Power AC220V/24V AC220V/24V AC220V/24V
Auxiliary Device
Alkali Cleaning Vessel φ600×1300 mm φ800×1500 mm φ1300×1800 mm
Water Cleaning Vessel φ600×1300 mm φ800×1500 mm φ1300×1800 mm
Washing Scrubber φ325×2405 φ325×2405 φ325×2405
Steam Super Heater φ219×2600 φ219×2600 φ219×2600
Liquid Seal Tank φ400×1250 φ400×1250 φ400×1250
Turn Over Mechanism Q235 Q235 Q235
Condenser(Alkali Cleaning) φ325×2656 φ325×2656 φ325×2656
Condenser(Water Cleaning) φ133×1600 φ133×1600 φ133×1600
Control Panel 900×600×1800 mm 900×600×1800 mm 900×600×1800 mm
Working Conditions:
Steam                     0.3~0.6MPa             DN40
Cooling Water                0.3~0.6MPa             DN80
Running Water(Service Water)      0.3~0.5Mpa             DN25
Demineralised Water            0.3~0.5Mpa             DN25
Compressed Air               0.3~0.6Mpa             DN25
N2                        0.2~0.3Mpa             DN25
Power Supply                3×380V/440V
The advantage of equipment:
★ The equipment layout is shown in the attached featuring small occupation and coherent form arrangement.
★ The equipment obtains interlock protection and alarm system and is safe and stable to operate.
★ The system is of automatic operation with manual operation function.
★ The system can meet the requirements of clients to adjust cleaning operation.
★ Low operation cost is due to the only water, electricity and steam as materials in a hydrolysis furnace
★ The hydrolysis furnace is Environment-friendly.
★ The duration of hydrolysis is short.
§Process Description for Cleaning filter
1.Put filter into the hydrolysis furnace.
2. Decomposition filter after cooling.
3.High pressure water cleaning.
4.Alkali cleaning.
5.Water cleaning.
6.High pressure water cleaning.
7.Ultrasonic cleaning.
8.Bubble testing.