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Manual Spinnerette Inspection Device MSI Series
Inspection Objects: Spinnerette
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The manual spinneret inspection device mainly consists three parts: The inspection platform of spinneret, CCD and the LCD display; Through the hand wheel to move the location of the nozzle of spinneret; The image of nozzles transmits to the LCS display through the microscope and CCD camera.
The laser indicator light points out the nozzle of spinneret, When detecting the abnormal nozzle(Dirty hole), when the abnormal position of microporous, hole (hole, plugging hole), Holes that cannot be cleaned by air purge are indicated by laser light for a repeat cleaning by the operator.
Main Parts:
1. The platform of spinneret inspection
2. X-axis ,Y-axis and the circle travel device
3. Objective
4. CCD camera
5. Upper and lower light source
6. The laser light
7. LCD display
1. Amplification factor: >300 times
2. Micro hole arrangement :Random disposition。
3. The diameter of micro hole:0.10-1mm。
4. Detection goal:The cleanliness of spinneret
5. Image display:The LCD display
6. Micro hole positioning:Laser light indicate micro hole position
7. The dimension of device(L×W×H):420×340×550mm
8. Detection method:Laser light indicate micro hole position
X-axis and Y-axis travel,
Circumferential direction rotation
9. The detecting platform :
(2)The guard ring of spinneret;
Equipment Selections:
1.Model : MSI-FO

Applicable object:
Spinneret: Round ,
Micro hole arrangement: Circle
Diameter of spinneret: φ30-120mm

2. Model :MSI-FN
Applicable object: Round Spinneret ;
Micro hole arrangement: Random(Circle or Rhombus)
Diameter of spinneret: φ30-120mm
The dimension of device(L×W×H):420×340×550mm 

3. Model: MSI-SO
Applicable object: Round PSF Spinneret;
Micro hole arrangement: Circle
Diameter of spinneret: φ180-410mm
The dimension of device: 500×450×550mm 

4.Model: MSI-SN
Applicable object:Rectangular Spinneret;
Dimension of spinneret:<700×700mm
The dimension of device:According to the size of the spinneret

5.Model: MSI-FY
Applicable object: Composite spinning spinneret
Micro hole : Circle, gradient
Diameter of spinneret: φ70-120mm

6.Model: MSI-NL
Applicable object:Non woven Spinneret;

Equipment Selection Sheet
Model Applicable
MSI-FO Spinneret:Round;Micro hole arrangement: Circle
MSI-FN Spinneret: Round; Micro hole:Random(Circle or Rhombus)
MSI-SO PSF Spinneret: Round; Micro hole arrangement: Circle
MSI-SN Spinneret: Rectangular; Dimension of spinneret:<700×400mm
MSI-FY Composite spinning spinneret
MSI-NL Non woven Spinneret