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Bubble Point Tester(Disc Filter) BPT Series
Inspection Objects: Disc Filter
Impregnation of a test piece(Disc filter) with a test liquid. Immersion of the test piece in the test liquid and introduction of a gas (usually air) into the test piece at gradually increasing pressure. Determination of the pressure at which bubbles are emitted from the surface of the test piece. Evaluation of the equivalent bubble test pore size by means of a mathematical formula.
Bubble test pore size:The maximum equivalent capillary diameter in the test piece which is calculated from the measured minimum pressure required to force the first bubble of gas through the test piece(under standardized conditions) impregnated with a liquid.
1.Used as factory-entry quality detection for new disc filter.
2.After the disc filter is used, whether it is damaged.
Test Indicators:
1.First bubble point;
The bubble test pore size corresponds to the minimum differential pressure at which constant bubbling first occurs.
2. The uniformity of distribution of pores
These particular definitions should be agreed between the supplier and the user. Moreover, the uniformity of distribution of pores approaching the maximum pore size may be observed by gradually increasing the gas pressure. Cracks and clogged areas are easily discerned by this operation.
Take Model: BPT-B as sample for certain details:
※Test Object

Disc Filter:φ177.8- 306mm
Filtering accuracy:5-60um
This agreement is made with φ305mm, the accuracy of 40um disc filter as an example.
※Technology performance
1. It is pressed the disc filter by cylinder,
2. Digital display the bubble pressure and flow;
3. The equipment is equipped with automatic air exhaust device, It avoids the environmental pollution caused by the volatilization of the IPA;
4. The equipment is equipped the circulation filtration of IPA, extended IPA usage time.
5. The device is provided with visual sliding door, observation is more convenient.
6. The equipment is equipped with a storage tank, after the test is completed, the test liquid is returned to the liquid storage tank;